Best Portable Camping Toilets In 2020

Modern Toilet / Thursday, April 11th, 2019

For camping and picnics, portable toilets have always been the most popular. Portable toilets are very convenient where traditional facilities are absent entirely – from boats to campsites to cabins to workshops.
They are cheap, hygienic and with modern design, thus they are easier and more practical to use. But it is important that you choose a high-quality portable product, otherwise, you end up with a biological hazard on your hands. That is why it’s important to read this guide before you buy!
Camping toilets should be:
Small in size
Durable and
Easy to carry.
There are various types available of commodes for camping or trips. They are designed considering different purpose such as in camping, in boats, an RV. In this list, we will introduce you to various types that fits your purpose and which you can use it on trips.

Top 8 Best Portable Camping Toilets In 2019

1. Dometic 301097202 972 Series Portable Toilet

This portable camping toilet is a full adult sized toilet with an elongated seat. It is made from high-density polyethylene construction provides strength and toughness and the body is made up of highly durable ABS which resist scratches. The powerful push-button technology is used to add the water and a handle empties the waste into the storage tank. The push-button will always ensure a powerful and hygienic flush with less pump and less mess. The capacity of holding the waste is 9.8.1. it also has a prismatic level indicator that shows how full the holding tank indicates when it needs emptying. There is extra-long spout and air vent to make emptying easier. Because of its unique space-saving design, this is perfect for smaller vehicles and tents.

Dometic 301097202 Camping Toilets ReviewedKey Features:

Push-button flush technology for clears bowl instantly
Smooth, easy to clean
Highly durable ABS construction

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2. Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model

The Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model has a 6.3-gallon holding tank. In addition to flushing, there is 14liter or 2.6-gallon fresh water reservoir. To know if freshwater needs topping up or the waste tank emptying there is a level indicator on both tanks. For the effective clean rinse, the flush system is operated by a pump lever and forces the water in two directions. This toilet has a leak and odor proof seal to avoid any spills or unpleasant smells. There is detachable spout for empty the waste tank which can be stored in the toilet when not in use. And air vent for the easy emptying.

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty ModelKey Features:

Easy to clean
Extra deep bowl for comfort
Air vent for easy emptying
Easy to read indicator level

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3. Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System

This portable toilet comes with complete set, a 6-inch floorless privacy shelter, and a backpack to store that all in. The system weighs 19lbs, so there is no issue bringing this along. With this toilet system, you get maximum privacy. It comes with a privacy shelter that can also double as a shower area. When you have this portable toilet you don’t need to worry about finding a hidden spot to make sure you get privacy. And the privacy shelter is easy to set up and take down said many customers. It also stands up against strong winds. This portable toilet comes with fifteen waste kits, which last for one camping but feel free to get more wastebaskets. The toilet is strong and has a good weight capacity.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Toilet System11Key Features:

Convenient, lightweight
Economical, less expensive than buying all parts separately
Very comfortable

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4. Thet ford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

Rather than square designed portable toilets, the Porta Potti Curve has a look more familiar in a home toilet. This toilet comes with a waste capacity of 5.5 gallons with a freshwater reservoir of 4 gallons. The flush system is a battery operated via a button, which is sufficient for about 55 flushes. The overall seat height is a little higher than some portable toilets due to it is designed for comfort. The Porta Potti Curve toilet has an integrated toilet roll holder. There is a large capacity spout to empty, that when empty, is sealed off with a cap.

Thet ford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable ToiletKey Features:

4gallons fresh water tank capacity & 5.5 gallons of wastewater capacity
Comfortable seat height
Easy to use and clean
Has integrated toilet paper toilet

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5. 5 Gal Portable Camp Toilet Camping Flush Potty

As the name defines this portable toilet has a waste capacity of 5-gallon, means it needs emptying less frequently. This toilet has a capacity of a 3-gallon freshwater tank for flushing the push button for operating the flush. And the unit is totally self-contained with the waste unit which is held in place with corrosion proof clips. The full-sized seat capable of taking a weight of up 440 lbs. to prevent the leakage of any waste liquid and odors the drain valve is double sealed. There are two robust carrying handles, to make moving the complete toilet easier.

5 Gal Portable Camp Toilet Camping Flush PottyKey Features:

Load limit up to 440 lbs
5gal waste tank capacity
Convenient to use

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6. Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

The 41541 toilet has a waste capacity of 5.3 gallons and freshwater tank capacity is 2.5 gallon. The toilet only weighs 11lbs. when empty but it is still strong enough to support a weight of 330 lbs. the hand-pumped is given bellows system for the flush. To allow waste into the tank there is a sliding valve that opens and seals afterward to prevent any leakage of liquid and odors. For emptying the toilet the freshwater tank and the seat unclip from the waste tank.

Camco 41541 Portable ToiletKey Features:

Waste tank is detachable
5.3-gallon capacity
Bellows-type flush
Sturdy construction

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7. Stansport Portable Camp Toilet

The Stansport portable camp toilet is a very compact yet sturdy that measures less than 15” in height, width and depth. Rather than a water flush system, this toilet uses the disposable sanitary bag, a method for removing waste. Because it is a less complex system than the water flush type portable toilets the price reflects that. When buying this toilet, buy the additional disposal bags because it usually comes with one disposal bag. Stansport’s portable toilet brings comforts like home to your next trip outdoors. Heavy-duty plastic construction supports a maximum of 350lbs in weight.

Stansport Portable Camp ToiletKey Features:

For comfort has a full-size seat
Built-in handles let you easily carry the unit
Heavy duty construction
Disposal sanitary bag

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8. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet

The hassock portable toilet is lightweight, it only has 5lbs weight. Yet can handle the 300lbs weight of a person. For comfort, the toilet comes with a contoured seat and an inner splash cover together with a toilet roll holder included. Rather than a water flush, this toilet uses the bag disposal method. Toilet bag needs to be emptied before transporting to avoid the risk of a mess because the lid is not very secure. This bagged portable toilet also comes with only one bag, so don’t forgot to order additional bags when you buy this toilet.

Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained ToiletKey Features:

Portable, lightweight
Contoured seat for comfort
Designed for camping and boating
For waste disposal the inner bucket is removable

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