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Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

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efficient touchless bathroom faucet

Hey there, folks! We've got something pretty cool to share with you today.

We've had the chance to try out the Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet as a team, and let us tell you, it's quite the game-changer.

This sleek and modern fixture not only adds a touch of style to your bathroom, but it also offers the convenience of automatic activation. Just a wave of your hand, and you've got a steady flow of water.

Intrigued? Stick around as we dive into the nitty-gritty of this innovative product.

Key Takeaways

  • The Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is an automatic faucet that can be activated by waving your hand beneath it.
  • It is made of durable stainless steel and comes with a control box and temperature mixer.
  • It can be powered by either AC/DC power supply or 4 AA batteries.
  • User reviews indicate that the installation process can be both easy and difficult, and that the faucet has both positive and negative performance experiences.

Product Summary

We absolutely love this touchless bathroom faucet! It offers easy installation, sensor activation within a foot, and a sleek modern design.

The interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet has received positive feedback from customers regarding its product performance. Users have praised its easy installation process and the fact that the sensor works reliably within a foot distance. The faucet's design isn't only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, thanks to its stainless steel construction. Customers appreciate the option to power the faucet using either an AC-110V plug-in or four AA batteries.

However, some users have mentioned difficulties during installation, including non-standard size tubes and the inability to adjust water temperature.

Overall, the touchless bathroom faucet by interhasa! is a high-quality product that provides a convenient and hygienic solution for any bathroom.

Pros & Cons

The interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet has several pros that make it a desirable choice.

  • It offers touchless activation, which helps save money, energy, and water, while also preventing cross-contamination.
  • The sleek modern design and high-quality construction contribute to its overall appeal.

However, there are a few cons to consider.

  • Some users may find the installation process difficult.
  • In certain cases, the faucet may not allow users to adjust the water temperature.

These points should be further discussed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the product.

What We Liked

One of the pros of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is its easy installation and positive user reviews. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The faucet comes with all the necessary components, including a control box and temperature mixer, making it convenient for users. The user experience with this faucet has been generally positive, with users praising its easy installation and the sensor's ability to detect hand movements within a foot distance. However, there have been some negative reviews regarding the difficulty of installation and the inability to adjust water temperature. Overall, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet offers a touchless solution for your bathroom, saving money, energy, and water while providing a sleek and modern design.

User Experience Installation Process Additional Information
Positive review: Easy installation, sensor works within a foot distance, no leakages Manual adjustment requires uninstallation Price: Decent price with a nice finish
Positive review: Regulate temperature, battery or wired option Adjustment device located inside the water inlet Time for installation: Less than 30 minutes
Negative review: Difficult installation, non-standard size tube, unable to adjust water temperature Purchased to convert mud room bathroom to be virus-friendly Distance for sensor activation: Within a foot
Positive review: Good quality and easy to install Required additional outlet for installation Leakage: No leakages observed
Negative review: Didn't work, couldn't return Used G1/2 Hot Cold Water Mixing Valve Solid Brass Thermostatic Mixer Return policy: Unable to return, lost money

What Can Be Improved

Having read the user experiences and reviews, it's clear that the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet has both positive aspects and negative aspects.

Positive aspects:

  • Easy installation
  • Water-saving features

Negative aspects:

  • Difficulties in adjusting water temperature
  • Non-standard size tube issues

To improve the installation process, it would be beneficial to:

  • Provide clearer instructions
  • Possibly include a video tutorial

Enhancing water temperature adjustment can be achieved by:

  • Incorporating a more user-friendly control mechanism
  • Such as a digital display or a more accessible manual adjustment device

Additionally, addressing the non-standard size tube issues can be done by:

  • Providing adapters
  • Offering different size options

Overall, these improvements would enhance the user experience and make the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet a more reliable and convenient choice for consumers.

Detailed Features

We frequently discuss the detailed features of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet, such as the automatic activation and the inclusion of a control box and temperature mixer.

When it comes to installation, we've some tips to share. Firstly, make sure you have an additional outlet available for installation. Secondly, use a G1/2 Hot Cold Water Mixing Valve Solid Brass Thermostatic Mixer to regulate the temperature. It's also important to test the faucet with a portable power generator before installation to ensure it functions properly.

As for customer support experience, we've received mixed feedback. Some users have reported easy installation and positive experiences, while others have struggled with non-standard size tubes and difficulties adjusting the water temperature. Unfortunately, some customers have also expressed frustration with the inability to return the product.

User-Friendly Design

We love how the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet incorporates user-friendly design features for easy and convenient use. The installation process is straightforward, taking less than 30 minutes to complete. The faucet comes with a detailed manual that provides step-by-step instructions, making it easy for anyone to install. The sensor accuracy of this faucet is impressive, activating with a wave of your hand within a foot distance. To further emphasize the user-friendly design, here is a table highlighting the key features of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet:

Feature Description
Automatic Activation Wave your hand beneath the tap for water flow
Durable Construction Made of stainless steel for long-lasting performance
AC/DC Power Supply Can be plugged in or operated with batteries
Control Box Included Allows for temperature adjustment and control
Easy Installation Takes less than 30 minutes to install

Overall, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet provides a seamless installation process and accurate sensor activation, making it a user-friendly choice for any bathroom.

Design Optimization

To optimize the design of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet, we should consider incorporating a temperature memory function and reducing the installation time to under 20 minutes.

Efficiency improvements can be achieved by integrating a temperature memory function that allows users to conveniently set their desired water temperature, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. This feature would enhance user experience and save time.

Additionally, reducing the installation time to under 20 minutes would make the faucet more appealing to users seeking a quick and hassle-free installation process.

Aesthetics enhancement can be achieved by offering a variety of finishes and designs that cater to different bathroom styles. By providing options that blend seamlessly with existing bathroom fixtures, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of any bathroom.

Unboxing Contents

When unboxing the Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet, we found that the contents included:

  • The faucet itself
  • A deck plate
  • A G1/2 hose
  • A control box
  • Mounting screws
  • A temperature mixer
  • Hot/cold hoses

The specifications, documentation, and user guide were also included to provide detailed information on installation and adjustment.

This comprehensive package ensures that users have all the necessary components and guidance to successfully set up and use the touchless bathroom faucet.


The specifications of the interhasa! touchless bathroom faucet include:

  • Control box: Provides power supply and controls the activation of the faucet.
  • Temperature mixer: Allows adjustment of the water temperature to suit individual preferences.
  • Deck plate: Covers the holes in the sink and provides a seamless installation.
  • G1/2 hose: Connects the faucet to the water supply.
  • Mounting screws: Securely fasten the faucet to the sink or countertop.
  • Hot/cold hose: Supplies hot and cold water to the faucet.

During the installation process, the sensor accuracy of the faucet is crucial. It's important to ensure that the sensor is positioned correctly to detect hand movements accurately. This ensures reliable and convenient operation of the touchless faucet.

Proper calibration and adjustment of the sensor sensitivity can enhance its accuracy and responsiveness. Following the manufacturer's instructions and testing the sensor before installation can help ensure optimal performance.

Documentation and User Guide

We found the documentation and user guide to be comprehensive and helpful in understanding the unboxing contents of the interhasa! touchless bathroom faucet.

The installation tips provided in the user guide were clear and concise, making the installation process much easier.

The troubleshooting guide was also extremely helpful in addressing any issues that may arise during the installation or usage of the faucet. It provided step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting common problems such as sensor malfunctions or water temperature adjustments.

The user guide also included detailed diagrams and illustrations, which further aided in the understanding of the faucet's functionality.

Overall, the documentation and user guide provided by interhasa! were invaluable resources that enhanced our experience with the touchless bathroom faucet.

Final Recommendation

Our final recommendation is to consider the overall user experience and benefits of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet before making a purchasing decision.

The installation process of this faucet requires manual adjustment, which may involve uninstallation. It's important to note that the adjustment device is located inside the water inlet. Customer support is available for any difficulties encountered during the installation process.

Additionally, it's important to ensure that there's an additional outlet available for installation. The interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet has received positive reviews regarding its ease of installation, sensor functionality within a foot distance, and lack of leakages. However, some negative reviews have mentioned difficulties with installation, non-standard size tubes, and inability to adjust water temperature.

Considering the benefits of touchless activation, sleek modern design, high-quality construction, and water-saving features, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is a viable option for those seeking a reliable and efficient bathroom faucet.

Practical Applications

An interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet has practical applications in both residential and commercial settings due to its water-saving features and minimalistic design. This faucet is designed to be activated by a simple wave of the hand, eliminating the need for physical contact and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

One of the key benefits of this touchless faucet is its impact on water conservation. With its automatic activation and adjustable flow settings, it helps to minimize water waste and promote sustainable usage. In fact, studies have shown that touchless faucets can reduce water consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional faucets.

While the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet offers numerous advantages, there can be some installation challenges. Some users have reported difficulties with installation, particularly when it comes to adjusting the water temperature or dealing with non-standard size tubes. However, with proper preparation and following the provided instructions, these challenges can be overcome.

Overall, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is a practical choice for those looking to conserve water and maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Its sleek design and water-saving features make it a valuable addition to any bathroom, whether it be in a residential home or a commercial establishment.


We have been considering the rating of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

When it comes to the installation process, users have experienced mixed results. Some have found it easy to install, while others have faced difficulties, such as non-standard size tubes and the need for additional outlets.

However, the faucet's sensor sensitivity has received positive feedback, with users reporting that it activates within a foot distance and functions reliably without any leakages. This touchless activation feature not only saves money, energy, and water but also helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Overall, the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet offers a sleek modern design, high-quality construction, and the option to regulate temperature through battery or wired power. Despite some installation challenges, it remains a popular choice for those seeking a hygienic and efficient bathroom faucet.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, we believe the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet offers a sleek modern design, high-quality construction, and the option to regulate temperature through battery or wired power. It's a reliable and efficient choice for any bathroom.

However, one important aspect to consider is the warranty coverage and customer support satisfaction. A product's warranty can provide peace of mind and protect against any potential issues that may arise. It's essential to thoroughly review the warranty coverage to understand what's included and excluded.

Additionally, customer support satisfaction is crucial in case any assistance or troubleshooting is needed. It's advisable to research and read reviews about the company's customer support response time and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet Be Used in a Commercial Setting?

Yes, touchless faucets like the Interhasa! can be cost-effective in commercial settings. When compared to other touchless faucet options, it offers a sleek design, durable construction, and water-saving benefits.

What Is the Warranty Period for the Faucet?

The warranty coverage for the faucet is not mentioned in the Context: Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review. We recommend reaching out to customer support for detailed information regarding the warranty period.

Is the Temperature Mixer Adjustable?

Yes, the temperature mixer of the interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is adjustable. This feature allows for personalized and comfortable water temperature settings, enhancing the ease of use and overall satisfaction with the faucet.

Can the Faucet Be Installed on a Granite Countertop?

Yes, the faucet can be installed on a granite countertop. It is compatible with various types of countertops. The installation requirements include a stable surface and proper mounting hardware for secure installation.

What Is the Power Consumption of the Faucet When Using the AC Power Supply?

The power consumption of the faucet when using the AC power supply is low, making it suitable for commercial use. However, it's important to note that the specific power consumption may vary depending on usage and settings.


In conclusion, the Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet is a game-changer in the world of bathroom fixtures. Its sleek design, automatic activation, and durable construction make it a convenient and stylish choice for any home.

Not only does it offer practical benefits such as saving money, energy, and water, but it also promotes a hygienic environment with its touchless operation.

We highly recommend the Interhasa! Touchless Bathroom Faucet for its user-friendly design and overall functionality.