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Vintage Paris Toilet Seat and Other Stylish Options

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As a fan of vintage Parisian charm, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the EVIDECO Elongated Toilet Seat VINTAGE PARIS. This stylish seat, with its gray and white color scheme, is perfect for elongated toilets. Made with medium density fiberboard, it boasts adjustable zinc alloy hinges, offering three positions and five possible lengths.

But that’s not all – EVIDECO also offers other chic options, like the Brooklyn Elongated Vintage Toilet Seat and the Printed Oval Toilet Seat Seaside.

Let’s explore these stylish choices together.

Key Takeaways

  • The Vintage Paris Toilet Seat is made with medium density fiberboard and features adjustable zinc alloy hinges with three positions and five possible lengths.
  • The Vintage Paris Toilet Seat showcases intricate floral patterns that highlight the beauty of Paris and adds vintage charm and elegance to any bathroom decor.
  • Other stylish options include the Brooklyn Elongated Vintage Toilet Seat, the Seaside Design Toilet Seat, and the Cafe Paris Round Toilet Seat.
  • These stylish options are made with high-quality medium density fiberboard and offer unique designs inspired by vintage charm, coastal scenes, and French elegance.

Elegant Vintage Paris Toilet Seat

I really like the elegant vintage Paris toilet seat from EVIDECO. Its gray and white color and adjustable zinc hinges make it stand out. The timeless design exudes vintage charm, while the combination of gray and white adds elegance to any bathroom decor.

Coloranimal Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Printed Home Bathroom Accessories Set, 3 Piece Bath Mat + Lid Toilet Seat Cover+ Flannel Carpets, Machine Washable

The adjustable zinc hinges provide durability and easy installation and adjustment. The attention to detail in the design is impressive, with intricate patterns showcasing the beauty of Paris. The vintage charm of this toilet seat adds a unique and stylish element to the bathroom. It’s the perfect accessory for those who appreciate classic and tasteful design.

Stylish Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat

Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat is a suitable option for elongated toilets. With its stylish design and vintage-inspired charm, it adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor. Made with high-quality medium density fiberboard, this toilet seat is not only durable but also comfortable to sit on. The adjustable zinc alloy hinges allow for easy installation and a secure fit.

To give you a better idea of the options available, here is a table showcasing similar styles from the same company:

Toilet SeatColorSuitable forDimensions
EVIDECO Elongated Toilet SeatGray and WhiteElongated toilets17.5L X 14.75W
Brooklyn Elongated Vintage Toilet SeatGray, White & RedElongated toilets17.5L X 14.75W
Printed Oval Toilet Seat SeasideGray and PinkElongated toilets17.5L X 14.75W
Cafe Paris Round Vintage Toilet SeatBrown, Black & RedRound/Standard toilets15.5L X 14.25W

With the Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish oasis with vintage-inspired home accessories. Its timeless design and attention to detail make it a standout piece in any bathroom. So why settle for a boring toilet seat when you can have one that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space? Upgrade your bathroom decor with the Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat and enjoy the beauty and comfort it brings.

Charming Seaside Printed Oval Toilet Seat

The Charming Seaside Printed Oval Toilet Seat is a delightful addition to any bathroom decor. With its vibrant coastal design and playful color combinations, it brings a touch of charm and relaxation to the bathroom.

The seat features a beautiful print of serene seaside scenes, showcasing calming waves, seashells, and starfish. The combination of soothing gray and pink hues adds a subtle pop of color to the space.

Made from durable medium density fiberboard, this elongated toilet seat is built to last. It is also easy to install and fits most elongated toilets.

Elevate your bathroom with the Charming Seaside Printed Oval Toilet Seat and create a vibrant and inviting coastal oasis.

An image showcasing a Vintage Paris Toilet Seat in a charming café setting

Unique Cafe Paris Round Toilet Seat

As a homeowner, I found the Cafe Paris Round toilet seat to be a unique addition to my bathroom decor. This vintage Paris-inspired seat features a printed round soft cushioned design, showcasing beautiful images from the city of love.

The brown, black, and red color scheme adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to my bathroom. Made of soft foam material, it provides a comfortable seating experience. The dimensions of 15.5 inches in length and 14.25 inches in width make it suitable for round or standard toilets.

Its unique design instantly transports me to the charming streets of Paris, creating a sense of nostalgia and romance. The Cafe Paris Round toilet seat truly adds a touch of French elegance to my bathroom.

An image showcasing a chic oval toilet seat, with an intricate vintage Paris design

Chic and Zen Printed Oval Toilet Seat

When I saw the Chic and Zen Printed Oval toilet seat, I was immediately drawn to its unique gray and fuchsia color combination. The contrast between the two colors gives it a modern and stylish look that would add a pop of color to any bathroom.

But the color options are not the only impressive thing about this toilet seat. It is also built to last with its durable medium density fiberboard material. The seat is designed for elongated toilets, providing a comfortable and secure fit. Additionally, it features four bumpers to prevent any shifting or movement.

The Chic and Zen Printed Oval toilet seat is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand everyday use, making it a great choice for any bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Vintage Paris Toilet Seat Be Used on a Round/Standard Toilet?

No, the Vintage Paris toilet seat is not compatible with round/standard toilets. However, there are other stylish options available, such as the Cafe Paris round vintage toilet seat or the Brooklyn elongated vintage toilet seat.

Are the Hinges on the Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat Adjustable?

Yes, the hinges on the Brooklyn vintage toilet seat are adjustable. This feature allows for flexibility and ensures a perfect fit on elongated toilets. Adjustable hinges offer convenience and ease of installation.

Does the Seaside Printed Oval Toilet Seat Come in Any Other Colors Besides Gray and Pink?

Yes, the Seaside printed oval toilet seat does come in other colors besides gray and pink. As for the Vintage Paris toilet seat, it is compatible with round toilets.

Is the Cafe Paris Round Toilet Seat Cushioned for Added Comfort?

Yes, the Cafe Paris round toilet seat is cushioned for added comfort. It features images from Paris and comes in brown, black, and red. It’s a stylish option to consider alongside the vintage Paris toilet seat.

How Many Bumpers Does the Chic and Zen Printed Oval Toilet Seat Have?

The Chic and Zen printed oval toilet seat has 4 bumpers, providing stability and preventing slippage. Adding elegance to your bathroom decor is easy with the right toilet seat.


Well, folks, that concludes our exploration of the stylish Vintage Paris Toilet Seat and its fellow trendy options.

From the elegant gray and white design to the adjustable zinc hinges, this seat is a true gem.

But let’s not forget about the Brooklyn Vintage Toilet Seat, with its gray, white, and red palette, or the charming Seaside Printed Oval Seat in gray and pink.

And who can resist the unique Cafe Paris Round Seat, featuring soft foam and Parisian imagery?

Lastly, the Chic and Zen Printed Oval Seat adds a touch of fuchsia flair.

So go ahead, give your bathroom a fashionable upgrade!